Sunday, August 19, 2012

14 Koi and Koi Pond Ripples

One fish vanishes just as the other reappears to delived to you the story of Tony's "14 Koi" and "Koi Pond Ripples" paintings (Click the Ying Yang)


RIC said...

Welcome to blogosphere in the traditional way!
Nice you and Tony are together here! That's a great idea indeed!
I'm very happy for you, for Tony, and for myself...
Wish you all the best! :-)

My name goes here said...


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the warm, and might i say VERY well received welcome back to the world of sanity, and of fresh air.

I had two expereinces this week, one good, and one not so good, that both pulled me a good direction, and pushed me away from a bad direction. A bit of divine intervention I think.

I want to lay low for a while as I poke about, and set this blog up. Will be bringing all the GMR blogs I did that had a good spirit and setting them up here, and leaving the ones with a bad spirit to live on and on there.

Fourhorsemen: he is dead I think. I feel more like a Chef -- as in the song "Vanilla Sky". So my moniker may become "Saturday's Chef".

ninive said...

bravo Tony! this art