Sunday, August 19, 2012

"The Kehoe House"

This 1892 Renaissance Revival mansion sits on a square a mile up the street from my house. It was once the Kehoe family home (whoever that is) but is now a pricey ($430 a night) bed and breakfast.
This is number 7 of my proposed 100 paintings of Savannah buildings.
"The Kehoe House, Savannah"24" x 30"
Acrylic on Canvas
Revivally yours,TONY
PS from Tony: I did this painting the first few months I lived in Savannah. This is a great building, built as a home by the owner of "Kehoe Iron Works" in the late 1800's. So there is is cast ironwork everywhere on the house. I read he bought the lot for $900 and had the house built for $25,000. In the 1970s.

PS from T-Bird: I just got an email from somone claiming "In the 1970s, Joe Namath bought the house and my friends tell me he had BJ/BF swinger parties there. He has since sold it, and it is now a completely refurbished high end bed and breakfast".
Can anone verify this? Did anyone attend the parties?

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Steven said...

Beautiful piece of work! Nice warm colors as well. Is that a self-portrait of you in one of those windows of the house? :-)

Yes, Joe Namath was a previous owner of the residence. What kinds of parties he had, I can't confirm though.