Friday, August 24, 2012

"Transit of Venus"

“Shadow Dancer”
I thought I understood you,
I thought I knew you well.
Where this strange road leads to,
only time will tell.

If I could read the secret signs,
perhaps then I would find
that hidden sanctuary
buried deep inside your mind;
behind a fence of thorns and vines,
where no love can grow,
a garden without a song, a voice or echo.

I thought there was a shooting star,
some celestial plan,
maybe a chart that forecast how far
a bridge we both must span.

If I could watch a sacred flame,
perhaps then I would see
that dream with no name
dancing deep inside of me;
beyond the sorrow and the blame,
where a love can grow,
in a garden with a song that only angels know.

The only thing that matters now
is the face I see at night,
of a dancer who made no vow
and shadows in the moonlight.

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