Monday, September 3, 2012

"Isidro in the Backyard, New Mexico"

I've accepted the criticisms from some friends that my emails from New Mexico have come off as "snobbish" or "whining" or from a "crabby attitude", so rather than poke fun at some of the things that are here, I'll give thanks to some of things that AREN'T here for me to deal with any longer.
-No more liquor stores run by rude people with guns on every corner, with half a dozen drunken fools harassing anyone that enters.
-No more one hour drives just to reach the other side of town.
-No more gray, hazy, colorless skies that last for days.
-No more long lines that inch along at every single place you go into.
-No more plastic cosmetic surgery centers, Botox parties or doctors specializing in penile implants.
-No impatient Beverly Hills types blaring their car horn at you the second the traffic light turns green.
-No roving packs of dogs that have been abandoned and dumped onto the streets...
-No more ever-present graffiti that people come to just take for granted.
-No more homeless people or entire communities wiped out by drugs or alcohol living in boxes on the street that people eventually accept as just a part of life.
-No more drive by shootings, helicopters circling overhead day and night, or rude ass LAPD cops to deal with.
-No more stinky stench of Tommy Hamburgers that made the entire neighborhood I lived in reek of rancid chili meat.
-No more store owners hovering behind you in their store, convinced you're going to steal everything you see.
-No more old ladies who see you crossing the street towards them and immediately lock all their car doors.
-No more blaring car alarms going off at all hours. If people here have them, I have yet to hear a single one.
-No experiences, not yet anyway, of having my car broken into, my windshield smashed just for fun, my home repeatedly broken into, or people stealing plants and furniture from my yard and anything else that wasn't chained down.
-No more Denver Boots, taped off crime scenes, cops you fear will plant drugs on you, and no fake-ass gap-toothed gassy actor posing as a governor.
-No more riots, demonstrations, earthquakes, smog or freeways turned into parking lots on a daily basis.
-No more barbed wire around homes, barred windows or cars parked on lawns.
I'll count my blessings for not only what I have, but what I don't have to deal with in New Mexico. Without these things, just about all I have left is this, the subject of my first painting from my new home
"Isidro In The Backyard, New Mexico"
Acrylic on Canvas
Still in love with L.A.,


T-Bird said...

Damned this is a wonderful painting; I need to post this one. I cannot remember ever seeing it.

Your diatribe reminds me of my rant own upon diving double dirty California. The pushing, shoving, 24/7 sense of subconscious panic that poisons even simple chores such as going to the store to get a tube of toothpaste is what I remember most. The whole state is living is a giant sense of denial. And SF has this smell of sewergas that the whole downtown and marina is trapped in. That is how I remember it.

The number one problem with California is that they want it all but refuse to pay for it. California is now a backwards crumbling third world country. They need to repeal Prop 13, raise all their taxes, and learn to live frugally for two generations until they rebuild their physical and mental infrastructure back to world class. I cannot see them biting the bullet though. It will just continue to get worse and worse and worse until it descends into chaos and rule by roving bands of cannibals who hunt down and eat the rich. I hope they elect Jerry Brown who just might be able to talk sense to them.

It should be divided into three states. REDWOOD from Northern Border to Marin county. Hashberry from SF to San Luis Obisbo, and Mexiwood from Santa Barbara to the Sewers of Tuijuana. They tried this once but middle state racist homophpbic republican "shit cans for brains" voted NO because they did not want to be associated with San Francisco.

We could actually redo Washington and Oregon separating into glorious and progressive COLUMBIA (Western Wash and Ore) and Stagecoachbrainville (Eastern Oregon and Washington). But a hot bed of fundamentalist cultish religious nuts would vote NO because they would not want to be associated with Seattle.

TODAYS WISDOM: You are as old as your ability (or inability) to adapt to change and new ideas.

T-Bird said...

Cat adds: Me too, brother. I'm bone tired of the moral hypocrisy, spiritual decay and ethical lack in all sectors. The neo-con teabaggers and retirees with plantation mentality are among the very worst offenders. One situation which has created some of the deepest problems and misery is that our nation has allowed big pharma to dictate health care. The other situation is that the GOP is now controlled by the insane religious right loons such as Beck and Bachmann who are now actively working to defund the left in order to disable it. Nothing good will come of this.