Sunday, September 9, 2012

Young, Latin, and Gay on Cinco de Mayo

TBird, I just had to do an image for you to play with for Cinco de Mayo. My character concept is a young Latin man who comes out of the closet on Cinco (freedom!). I wanted to send it to you early enough that you don't have to rush. The chihuahua is in honor of Tony and my Mexican Grandmother's sassy little dog, Pepper.
By the way, my real life inspiration for the project came from my memories of a young Cubano I used to know(take the time machine back to the early 80's). He was the porter for an apartment community in a New Orleans subdivision where I used to work. He immigrated to our country after he somehow got out of the horrible Castro prison camp for gays. God only knows what (or who) he had to do to get out, but he was so genuinely happy to be in America.

I just loved how he wore these bad ass butch hiking boots, short sleeve shirts (with his deck of ciggies rolled up in a sleeve James Dean style), short shorts, and dyed blond hair (as blond as latino hair can get). There wasn't a closet or prison built that could hold him. Remembering a freedom fighter and revolutionary, Cat

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