Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Seven Arrows"

I’ve been painting Saint Sebastian for 15 years now and this is one of the latest in my series. It is one of three paintings of him I created this month.
He was known as the Patron Protector against the Plague, and I’m not sure if that’s why he is now unofficially the Saint of gays, who adopted him as their Protector against AIDS. I suspect though it’s because since the Renaissance artists have been painting him younger and younger, cuter and cuter, and more and more nude. I’m sure all of this infuriates the Catholic church, which makes me even more inspired to paint him.

“Seven Arrows”16” x 20”
Copperleaf, Acrylic on Canvas

An Ex-Catholic,

PS: I (T-Bird) just bought this painting for my new office. With Tony's permission, I am making an unspoiled large format JPG available for you to use as a desktop wallpaper. Click Sebastian to open a new window revealing the large format image.

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