Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"It's Still Isidro"


RIC said...

So, dear Will, what's the latest news? Are you leaving or are you staying? Or did I get you wrong the other day?
Greetings! :-)

T-Bird said...

In answer to your question: I am mopping floors, and drilling holes for hooks to hang mugs and making a massive to do list and making appointments for roofers and pruning the gardens...and still posting -- not sure if that is an indirect answer to your question of a dodge.


kevin said...

Hey Will
The garden picture looks great. I love that sort of garden. I especially like the ones here in NZ where there are lots of tree ferns in the damp soil.

You asked before i went on holiday if i would like some pics of Seattle. Yes please. I would very much like to see your city. I will send you an e-mail now.

Kev in NZ

T-Bird said...

Great. Look forward to sending you a few pix of Seattle and the area.

Robert said...

Ooh, a double whammy!! Great artwork and a beautiful garden!!!! Whose garden is this??? WONDERFUL!!