Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Going through $30 worth of bird seed per week, I'm now surrounded by all sorts of birds. Finches are among my favorites and one of the tamest, nesting in my hanging plants and flying indoors if a door is left open. This painting is to remind me of them.

20" x 20" x 3"
Acrylic on Canvas

Bye Bye Finchie,TONY


RIC said...

I agree with you, Will!
What a beautiful bird!
(What happens when they fly in and your cats spot them?... Lol!!!
I wonder...)

Lewis said...

$30 a week? Wow! Another piece of beautiful work from you.

Tony de Carlo said...


It's hard for me to see a cat without thinking "Bird Killer". There is a wild one that comes to my backyard, and twice I've seen feathers strewn all over, and know he/she killed a bird.
If it were my cat, I'd put a leash with a bell on it so the birds could hear him stalking.
To me, the weirdest thing was watching a hawk eat a dove in my backyard tree. Normally there are dozens of birds around, but that day there wasn't a bird in sight. They all knew that hawk was there, somehow.

I've now got three generations of rabbits living under my juniper bushes (I'll sure be glad to be rid of junipers when I leave!). The rabbits are SO cute and kind of tame. I throw carrots out for them, but they seem mostly interested in eating grass. And now a couple of squirrels have decided to live here too. My dogs like the rabbits, but seem to really hate the squirrels. They don't have a chance of catching either one though. Luckily. I'd be horrified if they killed one of the rabbits.

I've wondered what birds or animals to expect in Savannah. Perhaps it'll depend on where I live there. If I move into the Historic or Victorian section, there's not a lot of green space, and I doubt I'll have many animal visitors. Maybe that's just as well though since I keep picturing poisonous snakes, alligators and dinosaur sized mosquitoes.

RIC said...

Thank you so very much, Tony, for your kind answer to my provocative question! As you've noticed, I didn't read the label and thought I was teasing Will...
I do like birds, but I like cats better... At the back of my house there's a kind of a «garden» where several cat families live... People living in the surrounding buildings feed them. There are also lots of doves... The cutest thing I've seen happened just a few days ago: cats and doves eating together! Some cats weren't even eating because of the doves...
I was so amazed... Unbelievable!
Dear Tony, I wish you all the best for your new life in Savannah, Georgia! And I suppose you don't have to be afraid of the wild life you'll come across there. You won't be living by the Everglades, will you? Florida is quite a bit further south...
Thank you for your artistry! :-)

T-Bird said...

Ricky, I am like you with Kitty cats. I find cats fascinating. How interesting how they have slipped into the domestication orbit -- and yet they are still so wild. They are like The French to me. Proud, and chauvinistic. They wonder why anyone would want to be anything other than a cat, and they definitely think that they own us and have us trained. Dogs are like the Anglo Saxons, and aspire to be accepted by humans. Cats think dogs are so dumb!

The Doves and Cats: "The Lion shall Lie Down with the Lamb".

Cat said...

That is some extra yummy soup, Bro Will! Please tell Tony that I love the new paintings!!! "Finches" and "I've Given Up Talking" touched me personally, and "The End" is very poignant and meditative in a way that I truly appreciate.

My bird story for you both:

Yesterday my sweetie and I went out for a sunset walk on the apartment complex property. It had been storming earlier with lots of wind and rain that whipped the trees around a good bit. While we were going along our path, I spied a fledgling starling. He was sitting in the middle of the parking lot looking quite pathetic. When he spotted us, he did one little alarm tweet, but didn't budge from his position. It appeared as though the storm must have pitched him out of his nest because he didn't yet have the tail feathers to be able to fly.

Since I'd seen several unauthorized cats on our "no pets" property, I decided this little fellow needed to at least get up off of the ground until he had a chance to grow in the rest of his tail feathers. So, I quietly spoke and crouched down near him. He quickly hopped over to me and seemed very happy to be gently scooped off of the asphalt. With more quiet words, I held him closely and looked for his nest, which must have been up high in one of the pine trees where I couldn't see it. Knowing I'd never be able to get him back up to his proper home, I looked for a spot where mom and dad could easily find him and feed him. A nearby shrub seemed to be a good place since it was about 10' tall at the top, but had some lower branches at about 5' 10" where I could place him up off of the ground. With just a little coaxing, he found a good perch in the dense part of the shrub.

This incident really only becomes remarkable when I take into account the conversation that my fiance and I had on Saturday. I would love to have a pet bird of some kind, however; pets are a direct lease violation. So, I had been joking with my fiance, "What if a baby bird fell out of its nest?" Well, it certainly did. The universe is listening and perhaps I am listening, too.