Tuesday, September 6, 2005

'One Day He Will Tell"

 My heart cries out for love and all that ges with loving
Click Jor-El
and heed his warning
to read the story of
"One Day He'll Tell"painting.


RIC said...

You've been doing naughty things, dear Will, haven't you?...
I was about to write that colours change around here like a rainbow, but it seems those changes also wash other «things» away...
I believe you should perhaps be punished for... deleting comments? Am I wrong?...
(No need to e-mail me. Unless you feel like it... I'll come back later.) :-)

T-Bird said...

Not doing comments. Please let me know what vanished. Youa re observant that I am circling a color wheel -- one change per week. Entering greens next week

RIC said...

... So sorry, dear Will, my mistake... Oops!... I guess I need to have my eyes checked... Maybe it's that shade of blue that doesn't allow me a clear reading, but that's my problem, no doubt!
Once again, my excuses!