Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Saint Sebastian, Tacked"

This is another in my long series of Saint Sebastian. Instead of the typical arrows, I used tacks to pierce him, and put him in contemporary clothing. The vining plant behind him is a nasty plant I never knew of until I moved to Savannah. Briarwood, a vine with stickers that will quickly and completely engulf any plant and tree if left unchecked.

“Saint Sebastian Tacked”

24” x 30”
Copperleaf and Acrylic on Canvas
Seeing the world as a more boring place without Michael Jackson in it, TONY

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T-Bird said...

Posted. The @#$%# satanic plant you describe is horrific to me. I have a phobia triggered by some weeds and plants. This would trigger it and I would go on a full fledged poison shooting campaign of extermination. We have ivy up here (a noxious weed) that does not trigger it. It is just a sense of evil I get from some planyts and not others,

Creepy crawlly, fast groing, abnormally large leaves, thistle and sticker things give me the subconscious creeps. Ask my brother about how deeply into childhood my fear of weeds goes. But some weeds in other areas of the country do not trigger it. Freud was terrified of Ferns and never knew why so I am in good company

Odd, that I like to garden. Oh, earwigs also trigger it which is why I will never ever ever grow daliahs (billions of earwigs will grow)

Lets see, four of you have Caholic backgrounds so you all know who St. Sebastian was. I did not until I started seeing the images in Tony's paintings and Googled it.