Saturday, September 6, 2014


I was contacted by a book publisher in Europe asking if I had any "male masturbation" paintings. I've never portrayed any graphic acts of sex, or even body fluid in my paintings, but I decided to paint this for the publishers, and it's about as graphic as I choose to get.

The choice of flowers was probably an easy one. I know my male nudes come off as sexual to some people, but I've always viewed them as more sensual than sexual, even if they are nude. I don't know if the publishers will decide to use this image or not, the book is still two years away from publication, but they do want to use at least one of my images, whatever they decide. This is:

24" x 36"
23K Goldleaf, Silverleaf, 
Acrylic on Canvas

Sensual, Sexual, Sensational, What's The Difference, 
Yours,  TONY


Robert said...

Oh my!! Thank goodness I'm at work now cuz I could've gotten a woody just by looking at this painting!

Oh crap! Too late!!!!!!

The Thunderbird said...

Now Robert has been in the mens room for half an hour and is groaning. Is he okay? Should we call a medic. oops -- I hear him wiping up something now. He must be okay now!