Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Bamboo Bad Boy"

One good thing about being an artist, I suppose, is that you can create your own little fantasy world, regardless of what is really happening around you.

Amidst the worst snow storm I've ever seen, I can see now that I chose to block it all out and live in this little fantasy tropical world that I created for myself in this painting. You might think the snow would have inspired me, but it didn't.

I don't know what to do in it, other than flee from it as quickly as I can. Thinking that I had already managed to eke it out through half a winter, I was depressed today to learn that today is the FIRST day of winter and that it's only just begun. For a month now, I've been keeping cold drinks outside, and if I want to warm them up, I bring them inside and put them in the refrigerator. Three more months of this???

That fantasy world is looking better to me each day, and I'm already thinking of moving from here.

"Bamboo Bad Boy"

24" x 36"

Copperleaf and Acrylic on Canvas

Snowbound, and bound in snow, TONY


Chere said...

Merry Christmas!!! I am thinking of you on this day especially!

RIC said...

For someone who isn't quite into winter atmospheres I believe it must be really hard going through such an ordeal... At least I hope it may be inspiring to you...
Great piece of work!
Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

Tony de Carlo said...


Glad you liked "Bad Boy". Here's BIG ASS Bad Boy for the blog. Total snow was about 8 inches I guess, it's still on the ground. I got the absurd notion to go out and make a snowman.

Of course I had no gloves, so used oven mitts. One pink one and one blue one. No wonder people here look at me like I'm nuts. Of course it was much more work, and much colder, than I thought, so my "snowman" sits in my front yard as just one big snowball and that's it!

Finished the kitchen remidel tile work yet? Send me a pic of it.
Hope your Christmas is a GREAT one, Will!

Thanks again for the present!