Monday, April 24, 2017

"For They Dared Not Speak"

This is the third painting I've painted over, except this time I left much of the original painting intact and just repainted the parts I didn't like. Once I completed it, I wondered if it was symbolic of the remaking of my life I'm currently undergoing. It probably is.

My choice of Savannah as my next home seems to have left some wondering why, particularly since the closest person I've ever met will be some 2,000 miles away from me. But it seems to have everything I need in a home.......a temperate climate, green and visually appealing, great architecture, close to the ocean, affordable, friendly and gay friendly, and it's not too small and not too big. I met with realtors yesterday and my home will be listed for sale today, so my days here are now numbered.

The original 1995 painting is the top image in this post, and the remake image is on the bottom. Because I didn't completely paint over everything, I left the title and date as is. This is the last remake I will do.

"For They Dared Not Speak"
15" x 48"
Silverleaf, Copperleaf, Acrylic on Canvas.

Peace, TONY


RIC said...

Thank you, dear Will, for your most kind words! I hope and wish everything's okay with you!
Hugs! :-)

The Thunderbird said...

Oh Ricky it is so good to see you back again. Much loved from American to you in Exotic Lisbon!.