Monday, April 24, 2017

"Luis Francisco"

22" x 32" Acrylic on Canvas 2003


RIC said...

The «Luis Francisco» animation is quite a wondrous thing!
As to the painting, well, it's a Tony de Carlo's. Period.

derek said...

Wil, I wrote a little about you at my blog this morning! Thanks so much for the creation you did of my mom with Scintillation. She loved it, and she thought it was a message from her mom, that was her mom's favorite flower.

T-Bird said...

What a tender blog post this is. I am sure that your mother is very touched by your public expression of love and appreciation that you show towards her. Each generation carries such a treasure chest of memories and experiences, many that are culturally unique to each generation. Example: my mother, who passed away a year ago, used to say that the best stove for cooking on was a big cast iron wood stove which I cannot imagine trying to use/master (are three logs too many... is one log enough???). Learn as much as you can from her: both the big things, and the trivial. When she is gone, on some far off future day, the more detail that you have within you, the easier it will be for you to find a degree of peace, as she will continue to live on within you. And like your mom, I too am touched by your kind words! Cheers to you and to yours, Will

T-Bird said...

Derek, I just noticed your phrase “and she thought it was a message from her mom”. Well, for all we know, it might have been (it is not for me to say). This touches on a topic I have not yet publicly blogged, about except for mentioning once that I will someday: the story of how I came to be baptized in the early 1990’s while living in San Francisco. A big part of the story has to do with my being unusually receptive to things of the spirit. All religions and even secularists, describe this “gift’ (I use the word “gift” in the sense that Paul describes how each person is endowed with spiritual gifts – in Corinthians I think). One of the odd things in my life has been how many times I will be chit chatting with a stranger somewhere, and at some point I will say something inconsequential, and they will pause and ask me if I am a priest, or something. Before I was baptized, this question would always blind strike me from way out of left field. I was clueless as to why strangers would repeatedly ask me that, since I felt myself to be anything but religious. I think that I was even asked that once in a leather bar. To describe it in a Christian paradigm, the Holy Spirit kept knocking on my door and ringing my doorbell, and it took me decades before I finally got curious about what all the racket was about, got up from my arm chair, and opened the door.

Now days, I am very comfortable with the fact that a part of me comes across as other worldly, and receptive to spiritual concepts and promptings, which presumably, explains why a picture of your mother, and her face, prompted me to to think “oh, she needs to be placed in my garden, in front of this this luscious crown jewel Rhododendron. Cheers.

Pod said...

i love this one

T-Bird said...

Hey pod, i do too. i like the light on those palms across the lake. always draws my eye with curiosity.