Monday, April 24, 2017

"Mother Nature in New Mexico"

During a visit to a friend in Albuquerque, she showed me a photograph taken of her as a teenager in a convent. The image stuck with me and inspired me to paint this painting. I guess spring time inspired me to incorporate Mother Nature into it, even though it's snowed since I started this painting, and has been freezing every night since.

"Mother Nature in New Mexico"
24" x 24" x 3"
Acrylic on Canvas



Cat said...

What a glorious Mater Admirabilis! I love the way that the crown of flowers and leaves are also the emanating rays of her halo. I hope this one goes into a wonderful space where it can inspire divine moments of creative meditation. Go, Brother Tony!!!! :)))

Hail to the Blessed Mother, Santa Maria, la Reina de la Naturaleza de New México! (Holy Mary, Queen of Nature of New Mexico) :)


Robert said...

Dearest Wilhelm.

Just to let you know that I find your little color-changing 'period' below the 'N' to be quite fascinating. Ditto.


The Thunderbird said...

Robbie, you are the *only* one to notice this. It is a hotlink to take you to the main page. You have earned a special prize! What do you want?