Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reincarnation Alert Number One

It would be nice if you were closer. I would set up a quiet “Reading Spot” for you in the “White bedroom” with your pick of a teal or a mauve wing chair. In the summer with window open, the sweet breeze and the sound of the trickling water of the pond comes in. Misha would inevitably come into the room, and squeak-meow for reassurance that she is divine and desirably cute and cuddly.

Wouldn't you love to know how to reupholster and refinish furniture? Quality is hard to find these days of fake and artificial everything. Young people generally no longer even know that there is such a thing as the “real thing”. All they have experienced is artificial life lived on top of a crumbling mountain of artificial throw-away everything.

I remember seeing the first “you assemble” cut rate cheapo crap in the mid 60’s. Who would think that someday that the stage set of “The Private Life of John and Jane Q. Public” would be dressed with heaps of cheap worthless throw away shit?

Reincarnation Alert: As one keeps being sent back here from time to time, and one measures the current vibration associated with the point of time of your return, one shudders to see the continuing acceleration of chaos and disintegration.

When I am in public (like yesterday in Auburn), I see ever increasing quiet panic and desperation upon the young people’s faces. Desperation reigns as they nervously and compulsively twiddle with their iPhones, hoping that someone/anyone has sent them any sort of acknowledgement, proving that they exist – and giving their ego and soul a tiny fix to get them though the next 10 minutes of unease.

Oh, MUST I return back to a future chapter in this disaster epic story line?

Think: Desiree Sasha Johnson, borned April 18, 2088 @ Jackson Hospital, Montgomery, Alabama. Her biggest chore will be to someway, somehow connect her own trail of dots backwards across time and space to connect to me, sitting here in 2010, in my dining room writing these words.
Yes, Desiree, You are me just as I shall be you in your time. Believe it sweet baby girl, you were once a gay Aryan male in a different time and place. So having searched thru the early 21st century archives to find and to read these written words, be assured that you have merely found yourself. End of Reincarnation Alert.

I also looked at Thomasville at the store across from Broyhill). If I cannot get the desk in, I will create a desk out of the same line as the wall unit. The fallback plan: do a corner desk, with two extension wings out on each side. Your wing chair will be on the opposite wall. There will be a turquoise tea pot, cups, and saucers in dozens of colours for you to choose from (look in the glass door wing cupboard in the kitchen).

I am going to post this onto my blog. It dawned on me that my correspondence, tastefully edited, should be public. Why now? Now that blogging is so incredibly passé, and all the creepy, psychotic, and otherwise profoundly disturbed individuals who haunted the virtual world have all moved on to some other fad (Facebook, Twitter, or to oblivion), it feels safe once again to be open.


Oy, what a week! I just wish I lived nearby so I could help with any little thing! Little stuff like kitty sitting or cooking something healthy just to make life less frantic. It would make me feel soooo good to contribute towards your well-being.

I love that desk and I hope something can be done to make it work! If you discover that you have to move in an entirely new direction, you might find some inspiration from Thomasville.

I understand your feelings about quality. I adore solid crafting/construction, real wood or antique items. I rescued a little ladies' swivel rocker from the side of the dumpster because it was an abandoned gem. American made (Best Chairs, Inc.), solid wood frame with high quality pale peach fabric(button-tufted back--NO LOOSE CUSHION FOR THE BACK) and magnificent springs. 

A bit dated as to fabric color, to be sure, but that exact same chair design sells for $500 - $600 new. I already know that I will give it away to the right person when the time comes. For now it lives in a quiet corner of our apartment.

Know that you are in my prayers, dear one.Sending every extra ounce of love and light your way, Cat

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