Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Signs of Spring: 2010 Edition (1)

Rhododendron "Lucy Lou"

Rhododendron "April Rose"
(It should have been named "March Violet" )

Rhododendron "April Rose" with fill flash

"Through a Window, Gothically"

El Capitan and his two Lieutenants

Late Summer Trip from Fox Island to Hurricane Ridge

The beach delights the eyes, masterfully strewn with remnants of tidal treasures; shells, tectonically forged bits of granite, agates, living barnacles, sandstone, vermillion sea weed, and all dressed by the shallows of the translucent sea.

High tide and violent winter storms leave logs of douglas fir to be bleached white in the sunlight of summer.

Mount Rainier peeks from behind the opposite shoreline.

Looking down the beach towards Point Fosdick, followed by a view of University Place .

Part Kashmir, part Valhalla, a mile high and at the foot of Mount Olympus. Click to see big ass copies of these beauties.s


Monday, August 27, 2012

Day of the Diver

Every year, I’ll paint a couple of Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead paintings. This is my first one for 2011. I was going to add a shark in the scene, but then wondered if they were all cartlege.

“Day of the Diver”
24” x 24”
Acrylic on Canvas
Happy Labour Day, Tony

This Time


It took me a long time to finish this piece because I put it aside for a week when my father made his first trip to Savannah to visit me. By the time he left, I was exhausted and couldn’t muster the energy to finish it for a few days. The title is simply the first thing that popped into my head once I finished it and stepped back to look at it.
 “This Time
16” x 32
Acrylic on Canvas


Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Backyard, New Mexico"

My house has been sold, the deed has been done, and the number of paintings left for me to paint in New Mexico are few. This painting of the view from my backyard will be one of my last here. 
I leave for Savannah in two weeks, to buy another home there, and then fly back to prepare for my departure from New Mexico.
The 4th of July will be my last night here. I may be able to finish 3 or 4 more paintings before then, but maybe not. This is the second, and last, oil painting I've done here.
"Backyard, New Mexico"
12" x 24"
Oil on Canvas
Going, TONY

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Transit of Venus"

“Shadow Dancer”
I thought I understood you,
I thought I knew you well.
Where this strange road leads to,
only time will tell.

If I could read the secret signs,
perhaps then I would find
that hidden sanctuary
buried deep inside your mind;
behind a fence of thorns and vines,
where no love can grow,
a garden without a song, a voice or echo.

I thought there was a shooting star,
some celestial plan,
maybe a chart that forecast how far
a bridge we both must span.

If I could watch a sacred flame,
perhaps then I would see
that dream with no name
dancing deep inside of me;
beyond the sorrow and the blame,
where a love can grow,
in a garden with a song that only angels know.

The only thing that matters now
is the face I see at night,
of a dancer who made no vow
and shadows in the moonlight.

"The Day I Saw Tom Cruise Kissing Another Man"

I will occasionally draw upon some long-past experience of mine as the subject for my painting. This experience dates to 1991 when I was in an office building in Century City, and descended a flight of stairs down to the parking level where my car was at.

As I exited the stairwell, the door made no noise as I opened it and stepped through it. A few feet away I saw two men in an embrace, neither of whom seemed to notice me and I thought "Ooooh, isn't that sweet, two boys in love". As I started to turn and walk away, I thought "was that......was that Tom Cruise???".

I turned and looked again, and sure enough it was. They had stopped kissing but remained in a tight embrace looking deeply into each others eyes and whispering things I couldn't overhear, no matter how hard I tried. I recalled some of the rumors I'd heard back then about Tom, and wondered why he seemed so casual about this semi-public display of affection, then wondered if it could possibly be a close friend or relative he was saying goodbye to, or maybe even hello after a long absence.

I never did see tongue in that kiss, I guess it could have been a platonic kiss, even though it was going on when I first saw them. Since I didn't have a camcorder, I got in my car and drove to the parking lot cashier.

Tom Cruise pulled up behind me in line, alone, but it was clearly him in a black Porsche. I have no idea who his "friend" was, but this is for them............

"The Day I Saw Tom Cruise Kissing Another Man"
15" x 30" x 3"
Acrylic on Canvas

Don't Sue Me Tommy, I Know It Was You, TONY

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When Gay-Rod Meets A-Roid


PS: Go
HERE to see
hot new boy friend

"Gardening Muertos"

Gardening Muertos title.gif 

This is the only Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos painting I'll do this year. I had my own weekly chores in mind when I painted it........mowing, watering and pruning in my back yard.

"Gardening Muertos"
24" x 30"
Acrylic on Canvas

Happy and Still Alive, TONY

PS: I (T-Bird, the blog author) bought this painting.

Arod and his Hot Homo lover Mark Teixeira

Arod is tits up in love for his new Yankee boyfriend and brother Yankee Mark Teixeira.
Here they can be seen immediately after Mark confessed to Arod “I love you - marry me during the 2009 AL playoffs. Alex is all a flutter these days planning for a gala 2010 wedding at home plate.
Oh how former boyfriend papi Derek Jeter may come to miss those rump pounding sleep-overs with his big baby butt boy Alex.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I Found Saint Sebastian in Room Number Nine

As I wandered the desert these past two years, I came upon an abandoned dwelling.  In it, I found Saint Sebastian in Room Number Nine.


This is another in my ongoing Floral series. I try not to paint the same flower more than once (but have). Some of the past paintings have been Anthuriums, Sunflowers, Orchids, Day Lilies, Camellias, Daffodils, Calla Lilies, Cymbidiums and Hibiscus. This one (from mon jardan) is.

“Cannas”24” x 30”
Acrylic on Canvas

Florally, Tony

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Take Two

It has been too long.  And so, I have decided to start up this blog again.  A lot has happened to me since I went deep into the underground where I have been in living in stealth mode.  More or less. 
In the interim, we witnessed all the idiots stampede to the Fraud known as Facebook.  I mean, is anyone the least bit surprised by the immediate post IPO collapse of their share price and by the filing of lawsuits by greedy and/or stupid investors?  I wasn't. 

And the remaining virtual village idiots stampeded to Twitter to join the other Twitter Twats in producing the cacophonous noise that occurs when ten million insecure and superficial souls wallow together in a group masturbation exercise.  Ah, the brainless people broadcasting every pimple pop and gassy fetid flatulence to 10,001 of their closest instant friends.  Join Facebook to Twitter and your result is a twin cluster fuck.

Glad they all went away and left the blogging field to people with soul.
The neighborhood is actually become quite pleasant again.  So here I am.
What do I plan to blog about? 

 1). I plan on republishing my favorite posts from the past. 

2). I plan on trolling though 30 years of diary entries and randomly publishing bits from assorted seasons of my life.
3). I plan on publishing new musings on the nature of this thing called life, the macro universe, and the micro universe.
I had a near death experience two years ago that has left me quite changed from who I used to be.  At some point I will write about that.  I now have the perspective of having been a new born all the way through completing one full loop around the track (60 years).  Ah, the Year of Water Dragon once again.  I have many thoughts on what I have learned about the nature of “a life”. 
So… And away we go for take two of Saturday Night Soup for the Soul.   Xoxo  Will

"The Kehoe House"

This 1892 Renaissance Revival mansion sits on a square a mile up the street from my house. It was once the Kehoe family home (whoever that is) but is now a pricey ($430 a night) bed and breakfast.
This is number 7 of my proposed 100 paintings of Savannah buildings.
"The Kehoe House, Savannah"24" x 30"
Acrylic on Canvas
Revivally yours,TONY
PS from Tony: I did this painting the first few months I lived in Savannah. This is a great building, built as a home by the owner of "Kehoe Iron Works" in the late 1800's. So there is is cast ironwork everywhere on the house. I read he bought the lot for $900 and had the house built for $25,000. In the 1970s.

PS from T-Bird: I just got an email from somone claiming "In the 1970s, Joe Namath bought the house and my friends tell me he had BJ/BF swinger parties there. He has since sold it, and it is now a completely refurbished high end bed and breakfast".
Can anone verify this? Did anyone attend the parties?

A New Car

The Maiden Voyage

I bought a new car last June. I promised myself that I would not do so until I paid off my home. This I accomplished ahead of schedule this past May (the 30 year mortgage would have come due Jaunary 2028).

So, enters the 2012 Honda Accord V6 Ex Pearl white. 18” chromed alloy wheels, ambient azure coloured LED interior lighting, killer sound system. Makles road trips fun again.

Wallula Gap

Read about this mystical spot of landscape here.

14 Koi and Koi Pond Ripples

One fish vanishes just as the other reappears to delived to you the story of Tony's "14 Koi" and "Koi Pond Ripples" paintings (Click the Ying Yang)