Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dream: "When You and Sleep Escape Me"

This post first appeared HERE as "WHEN YOU AND SLEEP ESCAPE ME".

I have been dreaming lots lately. Well, let me clarify that. I dream lots anyway, but recently I have had very vivid dreams that feel very symbolic. Yet I haven't been paying enough attention to them. Two nights ago I woke with heart a-racing, to discover the light of the full moon peaking through the only gap in the blinds, directly onto my forehead.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a huge, lush field, sitting by a wire fence, beyond which was a strip of grass and then a forest. On the outer edge of the forest, the trees were hazelnut. I could see several windfall hazelnuts on the grass just beyond the fence. So through I clamber to grab some. I get a handful, some of them were in doubles, covered in their leafy cases. Suddenly I hear and feel the thunder of horses' hooves, and look to my left to see four galloping towards me. I scamper back under the fence as they race past.

I sit and crack open the hazelnuts between two stones, remembering how succulent they are when they are so fresh. I want some more, so I dare myself to venture in again, and whilst I am picking some from the tree, here they come again. But this time I stand quietly just inside the trees, and watch. They seem to go by in slow motion and I just stare in awe.

When I woke up, still in darkness, I felt sure I could see the faint glow of a street-lamp shining through the gap in the wardrobe.......

Here is my analysis of thsi dream

Hum...seems vaguely sexual but not sure. Do you have a history with horses? By that, I mean is there some place you lived, or some place that had horses, or someone you know who has such an association? Or they might be primitive symbols of your own unleashed id. This is quite a nice dream story, mate. Very nice, and the sort that makes one want to get you onto their psychoanalyst’s couch.

Dreams are of course our sub-conscious and primitive brain parts communicating with us (i.e. chiming in with their two cents worth). It’s natural language is a linear series of picturographic (apparently I just invented a new word) scenes that are highly symbolic. White there are some universal symbols that would be common to human kind, the bulk are personalized to one’s cultural and personal experiences.

The BEST art (and why bother with any other kind???) plucks these same primitive subconscious strings. The visual arts probably come closest to the same language – visual symbols, though music is the highest and most hiu8ghly evolved of all the art forms. I like a lot of your photographs as you seem to instinctually tap into that vein – images that communicate with the viewing audience much like dreams do to the somnambulant person.


Ps said...

Interesting collage there.I wonder if you know that the image depicted here, is one of the most revered Indian Gods--Lord Ganesh.He is an elephant headed God, widely worshipped and is the remover of all obstacles.

Pod said...

hey! so kind of you to do a feature of my funny dream. it has stayed with me actually. i spoke with someone yesterday at length about it too. yes i have connections with horses. we had a horses field by us when i was young, where i played and got lost in imaginary worlds. i was also afraid yet excited by the horses there. i think this dream is about the approach of something in my life (a new part of me i suppose). which is something i can sense. so it is exciting. of course there may be a sexual element too. what thinketh though hmm?

derek said...

love this collage! Are you really going to be gone till September?

T-Bird said...

Thanks, Yes, but I promise that I will be back.