Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saturday Night Soup (37)

This week’s soup carries a sub-title of “To whom it may concern”.
This past week I received a nice email from an apparent "Wunderkind" who is a university mathematics major. He is working on a paper whose subject ( I would roughly call it "Chaos Theory meets the I Ch’ing") is only tangentially related to what I am about to divulge .
He told me that he enjoyed this blog, especially the signature “Saturday Night Soup” entries. He then asked me a question that I had not anticipated receiving (perhaps I believe myself to be too clever by half?) . He cut to the chase, wanting to know if I had encoded “secret messages” in the posts of that series.
I know what those of you reading are likely thinking. I had the same two thoughts, either
  1. “oh oh – this person does what the voices in his head tell him to do”
  1. "Uh, this person may have watched a few too many episodes of Blue's Clues"
So I asked him to “Please explain how you found my encoded secret messages”. He laid out his cryptographically derived evidence for one of the posts in the series - Saturday Night Soup for the Soul (8).
The methodology he has employed to “crack the code” was complex, based both upon the text where font size and colour sets it off for emphasis, and upon the music selections.
As with the text where selected musical fragments are mixed together (as is prevalent in this particular Soup he chose as his example), he applied the same exact algorithm to the bits of lyrics and titles related to the fragments. The resulting message: uncannily accurate to the moment in time related to the post.

So, returning back to his original question: “Have you encoded secret messages into the Saturday Night Soup blog entries?”. That is an EXCELLENT question. He goes to the head of the class.

1./2. John, I'm Only Dancing - David Bowie’s 1972 single is his homo-epic sung to his insecure and apparently jealous fictionalized boyfriend “John”, telling him to not worry about a girl he is hanging out with because they are “only dancing”. It was not released by the idiots running RCA because they felt it was a tad too something (could it be… homoerotic?). I have long fancied this song. Despite being 38 years old, it stands the test of time well. That, to me, is what great art is. Art that represents the best of its genre and time/place. Very little of popular culture stands that test of time.
David recut the song in 1973 for the "Aladdin Sane" (a lad insane) LP. This version has more punch and drive than the original

Joey comes on strong,
Bet your life he's putting us on
Oh lordy, oh lordy, you know I need some loving
Oh move me, touch me.

3. John, Im Only Dancing (Again) - to be continued

 CLICK TO LISTEN4. Facination - to be continued

5. Hot Soup Jamming Fools - to be continued

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