Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Three With Callas"

This is the second painting I painted on top of an old one. The original, nine years old, was painted after I toured the old Lincoln Heights jail after being asked to create an art installation in one of the cells there. (I went and saw it, got creeped out, and never created one). The air of oppression in that jail overwhelmed me, but inspired me to create a painting of several prisoners in jail.

It was a depressing image to me, and I was glad to finally let it go and be replaced with an image more uplifting that I wanted to move with me across country. I've just about got my home ready to be listed for sale, and as soon as it does, I'll be moving to Savannah, probably sometime this summer. I'm not happy about uprooting myself yet again and moving another 1,600 miles, but I know I'll be thrilled to get there and am looking forward to settling down for awhile and staying put.

"Three With Callas"
17" x 45.5"
Acrylic on Canvas

Best wishes, TONY

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