Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Late Summer Trip from Fox Island to Hurricane Ridge

The beach delights the eyes, masterfully strewn with remnants of tidal treasures; shells, tectonically forged bits of granite, agates, living barnacles, sandstone, vermillion sea weed, and all dressed by the shallows of the translucent sea.

High tide and violent winter storms leave logs of douglas fir to be bleached white in the sunlight of summer.

Mount Rainier peeks from behind the opposite shoreline.

Looking down the beach towards Point Fosdick, followed by a view of University Place .

Part Kashmir, part Valhalla, a mile high and at the foot of Mount Olympus. Click to see big ass copies of these beauties.s


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Robert said...

Ooh, the last 2 pictures are AWESOME!!! How are you my dearest? It's been awhile! :-)