Sunday, August 19, 2012

Take Two

It has been too long.  And so, I have decided to start up this blog again.  A lot has happened to me since I went deep into the underground where I have been in living in stealth mode.  More or less. 
In the interim, we witnessed all the idiots stampede to the Fraud known as Facebook.  I mean, is anyone the least bit surprised by the immediate post IPO collapse of their share price and by the filing of lawsuits by greedy and/or stupid investors?  I wasn't. 

And the remaining virtual village idiots stampeded to Twitter to join the other Twitter Twats in producing the cacophonous noise that occurs when ten million insecure and superficial souls wallow together in a group masturbation exercise.  Ah, the brainless people broadcasting every pimple pop and gassy fetid flatulence to 10,001 of their closest instant friends.  Join Facebook to Twitter and your result is a twin cluster fuck.

Glad they all went away and left the blogging field to people with soul.
The neighborhood is actually become quite pleasant again.  So here I am.
What do I plan to blog about? 

 1). I plan on republishing my favorite posts from the past. 

2). I plan on trolling though 30 years of diary entries and randomly publishing bits from assorted seasons of my life.
3). I plan on publishing new musings on the nature of this thing called life, the macro universe, and the micro universe.
I had a near death experience two years ago that has left me quite changed from who I used to be.  At some point I will write about that.  I now have the perspective of having been a new born all the way through completing one full loop around the track (60 years).  Ah, the Year of Water Dragon once again.  I have many thoughts on what I have learned about the nature of “a life”. 
So… And away we go for take two of Saturday Night Soup for the Soul.   Xoxo  Will


RIC said...

I’ll be attentively reading your posts. That’s for sure!
All the best, dear Will!

T-Bird said...

Thank you.

My god you are intelligent (and not because you are reading my posts). I see how effortlessly you hop, skip and jump via your mastery of expressing your thoughts in multiple languages. It is jaw dropping to behold.

Take care, xxo will.