Saturday, October 13, 2012

"The Verbs He Hears"

The Verbs He Hears
This is another piece painted on wood that I cut out. The tattooed text refers to the verbs I hear in my head and repeat to myself. “Go, work, create, give, try, empathize, share, open, stay, wait, ask, leave, dream, bare, listen, understand, prepare, sweat, find, hear, question, prioritize, maximize, thank, know, initiate, weigh, dream, push, stretch, mix, help.” These are the words that form the sentences in my head and fill the form of this painting.

  “The Verbs He Hears”
22” x 32”
Acrylic on Canvas



Cat of Le Chat Designs said...

I love the concept and the ideal it expresses. A vulnerable and heroic figure seems to bend with the weight of the world---or at least his own thoughts. I feel there is an underlying duality in words that both expresses and limits. I wonder do any of us ever break free from earthly constraints of human language? Reminds me of the statue, "Dying Gaul":

T-Bird said...

Link correction for previous:

What a incredible ancient work. my god the ancients were so more finely hewn than modern narcissists like to think. Stunningly so. Thanks