Monday, September 24, 2012

"Naked Cigarette"

It is because I so deeply love you that I ask you all to put your cigarettes out and instead click the icon to read T-Birds story for Tony's 2002 "Naked Cigarette" painting.
Note: This is a large (8.8 MB) PDF with lots of embedded sound clips, so be patient. It tells the story of my first teenage experience with the wonder drug Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.

Not advised for the timid, nor for the feint of heart. Rated "B" for Bizarre. 

NOTE: You may need to "Allow" in the Adobe Trust Settings to be able to listen to the many audio embeds in this PDF. 

After you read and listened to the PDF Story, you can watch this Vid which figures in part of the story. Have fun – I sure in the hell know I did.

The epilog to this movie (starts at 1:29:10) is a stunning bit of emerging-psychedelic comedy strangeness. This is very much the roots that spawned Monty Python several years later. Someone was smoking rope and/or having LSD Flash Backs when they did the voice overs to Wagner.  


d.K. said...

Another beautiful painting. I can get lost just admiring the colors and images. thanks for sharing.

The Thunderbird said...

Don, always love to have your visits. You are an Officer and a Gentleman.