Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Night Soup for the Soul (06)

nother week, and another series of storms. Howling winds, torrential rains, topped off by ice and half a foot of snow. Spun a 180 heading to work on Thursday (after skidding thru an intersection and into the path of an ambulance). Since that pointed me back towards home, I took it as a sign, and returned home, raised the drawbridge, and just said no to going back out (except for a quick side trip to the gym).
he spin out was an apt symbol for other behind the scenes events that transpired in my life (sorry but these spin outs are not for public consumption...not at this time). Will be going into surgery this Tuesday. Trying not to think about that. Will just show up and let the lasers start the slicing and dicing and hope for the best

"In the wee small hours of the morning
While the whole wide world is fast asleep"

I have not mentioned this, but I've been on an extended fast (technically not a fast; is called a “protein sparing modified fast” which means you take in enough protein to insure that you do not pull a Karen Carpenter and digest your own lean body mass to meet your basic requirements for protein. Have lost 27 lbs since November – though oddly gained a pound this week even though the calculations say that I should have lost two which is a three pound discrepancy. This process continues.

I am unsure what contributes to this week's Soup. But here it is.

"And I read the note, that you never wrote, to me."

1. and 2. Your Starter For Tonight and Tonight – The opening tracks off Miss Elton John’s 1976 Blue Moves double LP. Elton had great hopes that this LP would revive a career that was rapidly heading south following the disappointing Rock of the Westies” LP. In this, he failed. This LP was panned by critics and fans alike, whose tastes had shifted away from rock and pop, and towards "reeking and flatulent, sequin encrusted platform wobbling cheap polyester draped sweat hog dancing" disco. It is a pity. Elton considered this his finest LP, and it definitely stands the test of time.

It only goes to show that popularity has absolutely **no connection** to quality.

3. In the Wee Small Hours of The Morning -- This LP is arguably the first “concept” LP, the concept being late night isolation, and lost love. The LP cover is one of the all time great 1950’s pieces of commercial art. Many people have covered this song, but Frank shows that he owns the song in this stunning and understated rendition, filled with tender vulnerability.

4. The Note You Never Wrote -- This obscure song off Paul McCartney and Wings 1976 “Wings at the Speed of Sound” LP, was written and is sung by band member Denny Lane. I have observed that notes neither written, nor sent, can nevertheless at times speak louder than anything you might otherwise write. I have been both on the sending and receiving ends of such notes.

5. The Wide Eyed and Laughing Also by Elton John and on his Blue Moves LP.

And the hearts that you played on the porch swing for me
Was a song that I'd heard in the past
For I had an audience somewhere inside you
That applauded whenever you laughed

All of this makes it's way into this week's soup. You can get your big ass bowl of Saturday Night Soup for the Soul by clicking the jukebox.


Lewis said...

Surgery? For real? We'll be thinking about you. And, careful on the roads....they've been a mess!

d.K. said...

I appreciate the link with that portrait of me. This is a painting that an artist friend of mine did of me about four years ago. His work is always figurative, but he has a way of capturing the reality in an amazing and, for me anyway, inexplicable way. He's a talented guy and I love the unique way his artist's eye and mind have of seeing the world around him and reflecting that in his painting.
He half Puerto Rican and half Cuban (American) so most of his work has a latin theme, which I find especially appealing.
Speaking of which, I loved the download from your jukebox last week, which was so soothing and allowed me to escape and feel like I was actually in the magical place that is Spain. Somehow, as you imply, that mixture of the Moors, Jews, Europeans, gypsies, etc., etc., created something very unique and special, and we're all luckier for the coincidences of history that produced that result.
I'm continuing to enjoy your site - it's completely original, and I find myself looking forward to "checking in" periodically.

The Thunderbird said...

Lewis: Yes. Lasik surgery. Sort of scared (peeling back the lense and burning off bits of your eye with a laser -- uh -- okay). But everyone I have met (about 10 people) who have had it done are all very happy that they did. It will be nice to be able to see when I wake up w/o fumbling about for glasses. Tuesday. 9:am. They give you whoopee pills to relax you the night before and the morning off. Xanax. Never had any of those sorts of things so not sure what it does. Hopefully I will just lay there and not be worried.

So is Portland all screwed up too (or Boise if you are still there?). Cheers flyboy, Will

The Thunderbird said...

Don, I am glad to link you. You have a unique slant on things, and god knows we need all the diversity of mankind if we are to survive as a species.

Yes, your artist has vibrant Latin colour running thru his eyes, hands and onto his canvas. Do you have any links to more of his work?

You must be a bit like me – this Aryan Anglo Saxon who defies his roots and seeks out vibrant warm colour. Ummmm...Cuban and Puerto Rican sounds very nice. My best friend up here is a Puerto Rican (and part Jamaican and Irish). He’s a big brick s—t house built macho man, but with a surprisingly tender heart of gold that on paper, you would not expect to find in such a man. I have never known anyone like quite him, so it is a wonderful experience for me. He says that he is “a lover, and not a fighter” so I think that accounts for the deeply spiritual thread that runs thru him. Most of the friends he grew up with ended up in prison – but something always pulled him the right direction at the right time (grew up in the wilds of NYC). His wife is Dominican, and is every bit, and perhaps even more awesome than her husband.

Yes I love the many Hispanic cultures of the new world. I have always been treated like a Prince by them and in return I like to roll out my red carpet for them. They are hard working, passionate, love to entertain you in their homes (you NEVER leave hungry), they are generous and would give you their last dollar if you needed it.

==>Speaking of which, I loved the download from your jukebox last week, which was so soothing and allowed me to escape and feel like I was actually in the magical place that is Spain. Somehow, as you imply, that mixture of the Moors, Jews, Europeans, gypsies, etc., etc., created something very unique and special and we're all luckier for the coincidences of history that produced that result.

I am glad you enjoyed it. There is much more to Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis. One of the many great works associated with this great American artist. I will be featuring more. Also will get around to playing some Grieg as arranged and performed by Duke Ellington. One piece (Ase’s Death) will be for the week of April 21st – a terribly sad one year anniversary for me. One of the GREAT secrets of new world Hispanics is how many of them have Jewish or Arabic (the moors) blood in their ancestry, all because of Spain.

You have a great week and will catch you later, Will.

d.K. said...

Regarding LASIK, I took the plunge eight years ago in Canada - where they had approved advanced lazers now available here. I LOVE it. I wish I hadn't spent 39 wasted years before I got to experience what so many take for granted. I now have 2o/15 (but in the last couple of years, I need readers, which I guess happens to us all :). Good luck! It sounds scarier than it is.