Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Night Soup for the Soul (24)

arly the next morning, I continued day
two of my manic "1000 miles in 36 hours" road trip thru central Oregon. I double backed and headed due north from Prineville back to the Columbia River Gorge. I periodically slammed on the breaks and jumped out into the brisk mid April high desert air to shoot pics of the deliciously muted spring colours.

"The Couch by the Side of the Road"
(one man's discard is another man's treasure)

Where did your long hair go?Where is the boy I used to know?How could you lose that happy glow?
Oh, Caroline no!

Who took that look away?
I remember how you used to say
You'd never change, but thats not true...
Oh, Caroline you b
reak my heart; I want to go and cryIts so sad to watch a sweet thing die.
          Oh, Caroline why?

The high lava plateau that makes up this part of central oregon is slashed by sudden, and unexpected deep canyons caused by the slow power of water flowing downhill in the form a a series of small rivers that join the mighty Columbia to the north.

Prior to this lifetime
I surely was a tailor.
Look at me...
("Good morning, Mr. Leitch....Have you had a busy day?" )

I own the tailors face and hands.
I am the tailors face and hands


I flew north, down the winding road finally reaching the waters of the mighty Columbia, where I crossed over into Washington state, with JC, and the Sexy WonderHunk Twins carrying on in the back seat.

Waiting for me, on the other side of the bridge, was the star of the Columbia River Swim Team: that smooth and slippery, lickity split, seal boy you may have heard about, Number 17.

This Road Trip Diary continues next week...about the time that bush's butthole boy, Alberto Gonzolas has been tossed down the political crapper of no return.
1. Caroline No is
from Brian Wilson's masterpiece LP Pet Sounds . This is one of the ALL TIME GREAT works of popular music. Inspired by the Beatles' Rubber Soul LP, Pet Sounds knocked them out, especially Paul McCartney. They answered Pet Sounds with a brilliant LP that was so unlike, and lightyears beyond anything ever recorded, that is is often called the GREATEST LP ever recorded: Revolver. There is a very specific reason that I included this song in the soup. A musicical link piece that is made up of several fragments follows in the soup, which takes you to....

2. Save the Life of my Child from Bookends by Simon and Garfunkel.

3. The Kite Song is Yoko Ono from the Approximately Infinite Universe LP. Love this song. The words say it all.

I flew a kite, I held on tight to its string.
Each time I go anywhere, I held on tight.
In the middle of the night I woke up in fright,
Thinking maybe in my dream I let go of my kite.

When I was in a restaurant, talking to my friends,
Watching their mouths move faster and faster.
I thought of the kite that was flying in the sky
And made sure that my hand was holding the string.
That was a long time ago,
Many skies went by since then.
Now my hands stopped holding anything
And Ive learnt to take a walk instead.


Then one day in the evening light,
I saw something strange shining bright.
The sky was dark, with swarms of larks,
And in the midst of it all, yes, it was my kite.
How did the kite get there, Ill never know,
Floating away among the clouds to where nobody knows.
I held my gun with both my hands,
Slowly aiming at the shining dot.
The shot went off,
the dot blew off,
and since then Ive never seen the kite again.

All of this makes it's way into this week's soup. You can get your bowl of Saturday Night Soul for the Soul
by clicking the jukebox.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed L.A. as everything's there but, you have to endure the air to live there. I grew up in the suburbs. In any case btought back memories. How in the world can you top Pet Sounds and/or Revolver for great music??

I have kept both blogs as I have begun a new spiritual quest on

The Thunderbird said...

will go to the restroom (the private one).

yeah. pet sounds and revolver. From the feedback of I Feel Fine (that will be a post topic someday), into HELP (first LSD song) and Rubber soul, it was obvious that a tsunami was coming, But holy bat phuck no one foresaw that it was coming until Revolver swept over us. That was the the most exciting cultural moment fo the entire 1960’s.

And Pet Sounds. Pure platinum gold. Brian had a mental breakdown recording the followup Smile. He just finished it a couple of years back and it is stunning.

I did not know you had LA roots...