Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Saint Harvey"

I wonder where this country would be without ambition. Without dreams, drive and inspiration. Without goals, hopes, and a vision for a better future, and a fairer tomorrow.

I wonder where this country would be without the ambition of Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Thomas Edison, Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama and Gavin Newsom.

I will answer my rhetorical question: it would be country filled with mediocre conservatives whose only hope is that nothing will ever change, whose only vision is to delay, obstruct and tear down.

"Saint Harvey"
24" x 30"
Goldleaf and Acrylic on Canvas

Update: My painting "Saint Gavin" got totally trashed by FedEx, during a shipment to a beloved Palm Springs buyer. It was returned to me with a 24" gash down the center of it, the stretcher bars broken, and the outer box looking like it had been ripped in two.

I painted "Saint Harvey Milk" as a replacement for the buyer, and never sent the image out. This is the first and only public display of "Saint Harvey".

I vowed to never use FedEx again, and it's become a running joke with a couple of friends I told the story to. One of them emailed me a pic of a filthy FedEx truck they saw lumbering and stumbling down the streets of London Town.

Actually, I sent TWO Fed Ex packages off the same week, and BOTH were damaged, but only "Gavin" was destroyed, as if one of their trucks ran over it and then back up over it. The other "Virgin de los Perritos" also arrived damaged, with holes in the boxes. The collector said the canvas had been pushed and had bumps in it, but no rips or holes.

Oh! Did I forget to mention, when I dropped the two paintings off for shipment, FedEx said they no longer insure artwork and I'd have to get a private art insurance company?


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