Monday, April 15, 2013

Signs of Spring (17-24)

Rhododendron Papaya Punch and Azalea 'Arneson's Gem'
Rhododendron FantasticaRhododendrons Nancy Evans and Jean Marie de Montigue
Rhododendron White Gold
Rhododendron Nelda Peach

Rhododendron Nancy Evans


RIC said...

Dear Lord! Your garden is amazing! It looks like a rainbow! Superb!
Congrats! :-)

Robert said...

That's a LOT of colors!!! What do you feed them?!? :-) Your garden must look amazing!!!!

You should do one of those Quicktime virtual tour thingy, where one can move the mouse and see a 360 view of your garden!!!

T-Bird said...

Too late for a good QuickTime as the season is now fading to summer. BUT that is an excellent idea, Bobby. God I love the colors. In the sun the flowers are translucent and GLOW. I have one now that is highly scented and my entire backyard smells sweet. Only one has not started to open out of 150+. This is a always a sad time, and a happy time as the buds develop in the summer that will be next year’s flowers so I can tell who will be sparse, and who will be loaded next season. They all take an occasional year off for some reason. And every year a few get confused and open some flowers in the fall (spoils the spring that follows).