Monday, April 8, 2013

"They're Watching"

If you've been in my home here in LA, you'll probably recognize this as my living room looking up towards my dining room. Maybe it's obvious, maybe it's not, that there are a couple of figures interwoven and lurking in this scene, just as I'm sometimes struck that someone or something is here lurking and watching me.

A couple of times even my dogs have sensed something, growling and seemingly afraid of some unseen presence in these two rooms.

Maybe it's just a part of me, unconsciously reflecting on what is going on here. Whatever it is......."They're Watching"

Peace on Earth, Tony
Click Jor-El and Lara as their only child
leaves for earth to read the story of Tony's
"They're Watching" painting.


Derek said...

I'm so glad your back, you know I grew up a big Superboy freak, and Superman too, but mostly Superboy.

Wayne said...

that's an interesting group of people to invite for dinner.

T-Bird said...

Derek: Superboy was hot! I was into him too before I ever realized why.

Wayne, I am going to do a breakout post on the “dinner with the dead” as I find it an interesting concept.