Friday, April 19, 2013

Signs of Spring (2)

Rhododendron "Grace Seabrook"

The Queen of the early big ass reds

To see this one in person is to remember the delicious and refreshing flavor of cherry ice snow cones on a long ago summer day. Gracie is one of the six different early big ass reds I raise. She was bred by a retired navy admiral (I think that was his final designation) who lived about two miles from where I am sitting. She has a big brother named Taurus" (same cross -- shown below) that is similar, but bigger, and the latter has big dark red buds. He too is in bloom. If Grace is the Queen, Taurus is the early RED KING.


kevin said...

It looks like those flowers are in full bloom.There is truely something romantic about red flowers, though im not overly keen on roses.

You have a big garden?
Kev in NZ

The Thunderbird said...

Yes, I have quite a large one. 150 DIFFERENT rhododendrons. Berries, small rose garden and alol the o0ther stuff.

Pod said...

very red. dig the self portrait.